Information Management Services

Information Management runs through the veins of NVezion. It is the core operation of our organization where we believe in providing end-to-end solution by addressing every element of its need from security, confidentiality, accessibility, compliance, resilience, business continuity, disaster recovery and preservation.

Total Visibility and Mobility

As per a credible report, "about 35-50% of company information is found to be lacking indexing and searching functionalities", in fact this percentage may reach up to 80% according to some surveys.

To address the above shortcomings we, in NVezion, are focusing on information management to centralized and provide appropriate tools and methodologies to bring multi-facet information media, such as hard copies, microfilm and microfiche, DVD, hard drive, cloud network and other digital media, in to one network. ​These information can be stored physically and/or electronically, archived, retrieved, persevered and purged.

In the above context NVezion will help their clients to maintain security, confidentiality, accessibility, need and demand. Further, guarantee business continuity, disaster recovery and preservation. We highly consider and strive to ensure compliance and conformity to laws and regulations.


Create an electronic repository of all your documents..

Piles of Paper

NVezion’s extensive and large scale technical and project management expertise allow to develop and maintain leadership within the Document Scanning, storing and management industry. Today NVezion have executed millions of documents and images under its bulk scanning solutions and helped many organizations in achieving their digital transformation goal.

Hard copy data such as documents, project records, patient’s medical records, drawings, books, Microfilm, Microfiche, Aperture Cards, forms processing can be provided and organized as electronic files in different formats such as PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, JPG and others.

Some of our specialized service offerings are highlighted below:

  • Bulk Document Scanning

  • Data Extraction and Conversion

  • OCR and ICR conversion

  • CAD Conversion

  • Backlog Conversion


Manage the electronic repository of all your records..

With the coming of the digital era, the concept of Electronic Data Management (EDM) has initiated spread rapidly. All business modules today need to handle an enormous volume of critical information developed and updated over a period of time and at various levels.

In order to manage vital documents and simplify workflow, organizations require an effective document management solution that will enable authorized user groups to locate, share, update, review, store and retrieve data in the most efficient manner.

Some of our specialized service offerings are highlighted below:

  • Search Engine Application or Searchable Disc

  • Electronic Content Management Application

  • Document Imaging and Capture

  • Process Automation

  • Asset Information Management

Data on a Touch Pad


Purge your records when it is not needed..

Shredded Paper in Waste Basket

With the voluminous growth of the significant information, the risk of loss or breach increases as well. You need to be sure you can securely dispose of your data that contain personal or sensitive information, regardless of format: paper, media, hard drives and other IT assets.

We provide secure and comprehensive destruction program that's convenient and sustainable. Our programs are tailored to your specific requirements and can include onsite, offsite or one-time shredding, as well as e-waste and IT asset disposition services.

Some of our specialized service offerings are highlighted below:

  • On-site and Off-site Shredding

  • IT Assets Destruction

  • Scheduled Shredding


Optimize DCC and PRB handover operations..

As per a credible report most companies spend their 3-6% of CAPEX or total project value on imaging, printing, project's document management and handover tasks. Did you know on every USD1.00 spent on printing involves another USD9.00  to manage it?

With our curated cost effective approach you can efficiently reduce and manage the huge invisible cost which involves expenditure on Devices, Consumable Supplies, IT support and infrastructure, Administration and procurement and big numbers of man hours.

Some of our specialized service offerings are highlighted below:

  • DCC (Document Control Center) requirement assessment and plan to optimize cost

  • Supply and Maintenance of Devices, Equipment, Consumables and stationary etc.

  • Supply and Manufacturing of PRB (Project Records Book) Binders

  • PRB (Project Records Book) Preparation and Handover


Files and Packages


Our clients say we are TRANSFORMATIONAL. Leave your digital transformation task on us and we promise to help your organization becoming digitally determined with our innovative products and solutions. At NVezion we understand that the best technology is as good as the people behind it and keeping this in mind, we offer expert, 24/7 support channels and a lot more ...

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